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Summer Calendars

Dear Spartan Families,

Spring has finally sprung and the end of the 17-18 school year is fast approaching.  Attached to this note, you will find the summer calendars detailing the happenings at St. Luke.  SLCS will have new programs and I  encourage you to take advantage of them.

  • Summer sports: In order to continue growing our sports program we will have off-season sports for grades 4th-8th. We encourage all children to participate in these workouts for the betterment of our athletic program.  Returning athletes are required to attend sessions that apply to their sport(s), as well as strengthen and condition themselves as they prepare for their 18-19 seasons. The programs will begin in May (see attached calendar for dates).  Contact Coach at   if you have any questions.
  • Summer Math, Writing, and Reading Skills Review: We will be have a drop-in skills review day on Tuesdays, beginning June 12th. Students can come by school from 9-12:00 AM and receive reinforcement instruction and practice as math, reading, and writing skills are reviewed.   There will be no charge for this program.  The program will be run by Mrs. Bacchus, Dr. Demartino, and Mrs. Miller.
  • Summer Library Days: During the summer it is important to continue reading. We have been fortunate this year to have books from the list, “The Hundred Books Every Child Should Read Before Leaving Grammar School”, which were donated to our library. To encourage our ongoing literacy program there are three Fridays (June 29th, July 13th and July 27th) from 9-12:00 AM when the SLCS library will be open.  Students will be able to stop by, check out books for reading, and return them.  Please be sure to encourage reading throughout the summer.  A ‘family read together’ time is a wonderful way to how your child(ren) that you value reading. 
  • Robotics Camp: Dates: June 18-22, Time: 9-3:00 PM, Cost: $200. Students will work to develop basic coding skills, and design, build and program a robot. Seating is limited. Call early
  • Voice Lessons: Mr. Faulkner is offering voice lessons on Wednesdays. Each lesson will be 30 minutes. Students will  pick a time: 3 pm, 4 pm, or 5 pm for their lesson.  There is no cost for the program.  Please contact Mr. Faulkner at for availability. 
  • Choir Practice: Dates: August 6th-10th, Time: 1-5:00. Returning and new choir members will prepare for the coming school year.

Diann Bacchus


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