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Fall Festival has been rescheduled - Feb 2021

COVID-10 Testing Monday September 21

Picture Day September 22,2020

When: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Wear: Mass Uniform



Picture Day Form

Donate Blood September 12 - 13


Dear St. Luke Families,

Happy Labor Day weekend.  I hope you enjoy a restful holiday.  We will come back together as a school family on Tuesday, September 8. 

After surveying families in the spring, we decided to expand our school day. Pre-K to Grade 2 dismissal was extended to 3:30 and Grades 3-8 dismissal was extended to 4:00.  The objective was to provide club time and additional instructional time.  Many families and parish members signed up to provide club leadership. 

Due, however, to the ongoing Covid restrictions, we are not able to have multigrade level clubs, in addition to a restriction on volunteers. We have therefore decided to suspend the club period.  Dismissal times, effective Tuesday, September 8 will be as follows: 

  • 3:15 for Grades Pre-K to Grade 2, and

  • 3:30 for grades 3-8.

Aftercare will be available from 3:30-6:00. We will charge for aftercare, beginning at 3:30.  Currently, this is only a suspension and we hope as restrictions are lifted, we will be able to reinstate the club period.  

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we work our way through these uncharted times. 

Your partner in faith and education,

Mrs. Bacchus


Estimadas familias de St. Luke,

Feliz fin de semana del Día del Trabajo. Espero que disfrutes de unas tranquilas vacaciones. Volveremos a estar juntos como familia escolar el martes 8 de septiembre.

Después de encuestar a las familias en la primavera, decidimos expandir nuestro día escolar. La salida de prekínder a segundo grado se extendió a las 3:30 y la salida de los grados 3-8 se extendió a las 4:00. El objetivo era proporcionar tiempo de club y tiempo de instrucción adicional. Muchas familias y miembros de la parroquia se inscribieron para proporcionar liderazgo al club.

Sin embargo, debido a las restricciones vigentes de Covid, no podemos tener clubes de nivel multigrado, además de una restricción de voluntarios. Por lo tanto, hemos decidido suspender el período del club. Los horarios de salida, a partir del martes 8 de septiembre, serán los siguientes:

  • 3:15 para los grados de prekínder a segundo grado, y
  • 3:30 para los grados 3-8.

El cuidado posterior estará disponible de 3: 30-6: 00. Cobraremos por el cuidado posterior, comenzando a las 3:30. Actualmente, esto es solo una suspensión y esperamos que, a medida que se levanten las restricciones, podamos restablecer el período del club.

Gracias por su continuo apoyo y comprensión mientras avanzamos en estos tiempos inexplorados.

Su socio en la fe y la educación,

Mrs. Bacchus


Chè Fanmi Sen Lik,

Ala bon sa bon wikenn Jou travay Labor Day. Mwen espere ou jwi yon jou ferye trankil. Nou pral tounen ansanm kòm yon fanmi lekòl nan Madi, 8 septanm.

Aprè sondaj sou fanmi yo nan sezon prentan an, nou te deside agrandi jounen lekòl nou an. Pre-K rive 2yèm ane lekòl lage pi pwolonje a 3:30 ak klas 3-8 lekòl lage pi pwolonje a 4:00. Objektif la se te bay tan klib ak plis tan ansèyman. Anpil fanmi ak manm pawasyen enskri pou bay lidèchip klib.

Akòz, sepandan, nan restriksyon yo Covid kontinyèl, nou pa kapab gen klib nivo miligrad, nan adisyon a yon restriksyon sou volontè yo. Se poutèt sa nou te deside sispann peryòd klib la. Tan ranvwa, efikas Madi, 8 septanm yo pral jan sa a:

  • 3:15 pou klas pre-matènèl rive klas 2yèm ane, ak
  • 3:30 pou klas 3-8.

Swen apre yo ap disponib nan 3: 30-6: 00. Nou pral chaje pou swen apre, kòmanse nan 3:30. Kounye a, sa a se sèlman yon sispansyon e nou espere ke restriksyon yo ap leve, nou yo pral kapab retabli peryòd la klib.

Mèsi pou sipò ak konpreyansyon kontinyèl ou pandan nap travay nan moman sa yo.

Patnè ou nan lafwa ak edikasyon,

Madan Bacchus

Text and Voice Messages

Dear Spartan Families,

Now We will be sending Text Messages and Voice Messages with important information about the school.

We are really exited having anothers way to be in touch with St Luke's Families ! 


Video Week 1 Day 1

Video Sunday Service Card

Reminds/Updates SLCS

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

Dear St. Luke Parents,

We made it! We are back on campus beginning Monday, August 24.  Here on campus, we are preparing for a wonderful school year.  Our teachers have been training to provide the best possible educational experience for your scholar.  In addition to training in academic areas, the teachers have trained in health and safety protocols for COVID-19.  We are very much aware of the seriousness of COVID, but we are prepared and ready to come together in community. Below are a few reminders:

Office Hours: 7:30-4:30

New School Hours: Breakfast begins: 7:00am

Homeroom: 7:30-7:50

Morning Assembly: 7:50

Dismissal PreK3-2nd grade: 3:30

Dismissal 3-8th grade: 4:00

Arrival: Students must wear a mask. Mask should be clean.  If you need an additional mask, please contact the office. There is a health screening and temperature check prior to exiting the car. Parents do not exit your car. 

Dismissal: Use the car line please! Do not exit the car.  Students will be lined up in front of the school for pick up.  

In an effort to limit the spread of COVID, parents will not be permitted on campus.  Parents must enter through the office, if picking up their child for an appointment. 

Lunch: Lunch is provided for all students. In an effort to provide social distancing, lunch periods have been adjusted to limit only one class at a time in the cafeteria.  

Classrooms safety: All rooms on campus have sanitizer dispensers located at the doors.  Students will sanitize their hands prior to entering and leaving a room.  Further, dividers have been put in place to limit contact.  Students will wear masks during class periods.

Water bottles: Students will need a refillable water bottle.  Plastic or metal is acceptable.  Please put your scholar's name on the water bottle! 

Water fountains: We are having bottle filling stations installed.  Water fountains will be turned off, and students will use water bottle filling stations during the day. 

Mass and Meet the Teacher: Sunday, August 23, 2020. 9:00am Mass.  Meet the teacher and drop supplies afterwards, 10-10:30.

We are heading into an area of uncharted waters.   For students, families, faculty, and staff, not knowing what is to come is very frustrating. I ask that you be mindful that the first week of school will look different and might have a few bumps to smooth out.  Remember, God is with us; with courage and strength we will have success.

Looking forward to Monday. Your partner in faith and education.


Diann Bacchus, M.Ed.
St. Luke Catholic School, A Notre Dame ACE Academy
Notre Dame STEM Trustey Family Teaching Fellow

Acceso al Family Portal

Queridas familias espartanas,


Siga las instrucciones para el acceso al nuevo Family Portal.

Muchas Gracias



Accessing Family Portal

Dear Spartan families,

Follow the instructions to access the new Family Portal.

Thank you



Video Back To School

August 24 School Begins!

Return Date: Classes, both virtual and face-to-face, will begin on Monday,

August 24, 2020.

Back to School Mass: Sunday, August 23, 2020, 9:00 am. St. Luke Catholic Church.
After Mass parents will be able to meet your child’s teacher and drop off supplies.
You will be able to purchase Spirit Shirts and St. Luke Face Masks.

CDC - Reopening School

Dear Spartan Families,

Please read the attached information from the CDC

Return To School Plan

Dear Spartan Families,

Please see the attached information about Retirn to School Plan 

Return to School Plan 2020-2021

Thank you

2020-2021 Newsletters and Announcements